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ActiveSentry™ Defends Against the Insider Threat.

NextSentry Corporation sets the new high standard of protection in safeguarding customer data privacy. The ActiveSentryTM solution protects private information from accidental or deliberate compromise by anyone accessing a computer either from within or outside the facility.

How serious is the problem of data loss or theft inside the organization? Industry experts report that 70% of data security incidents resulting in loss come from a trusted insider. That doesn’t mean employees are careless or dishonest, but that it is the organization’s responsibility to the customers who trust them to be accountable for their data privacy.

Without disrupting employee productivity, ActiveSentry offers real-time monitoring and protection against a broad array of distribution methods, including USB devices, CDs, iPods, off-and on-line printing, email, and much more.

ActiveSentry on the computer desktop
The ActiveSentry server communicates with a transparent client that resides on any number of employee computers, or even on the computers of specific trusted partners. The client delivers unobtrusive, real-time monitoring at the desktop, evaluates the potential of data loss, and protects against outside distribution.

Suspicious activity—actions deemed unacceptable in light of the organization’s security policy—can be logged for action or acted upon immediately. Administrators have many options for reaction to threats; they can either provide the user with an alert, or they can cause the threatening operation to cease. Most important, ActiveSentry can counter immediately, right at the desktop—before the damage is done.

ActiveSentry sees user actions in context
Much like human evaluation of a situation, the context within which a particular act occurs can greatly inform the nature of that activity. The more influencing factors we can take into account, the more accurate a conclusion of the intent of the activity will be. As a desktop agent, ActiveSentry is embedded directly in user processes, which establishes the greatest degree of context possible over any potential security violation.

ActiveSentry is easy to manage
The ActiveSentry solution is easy to deploy and manage. Because the ActiveSentry client is deployed remotely from a server, no software download or installation is required by the end user. The agent can even remain transparent to the end user if so desired.

ActiveSentry includes the ActiveSentry Management Console, an intuitive interface that allows administrators install the client, manage policy updates, and create reports.

Reporting is critical to understanding threats from inside the organization, and essential to meeting governmental compliance regulations. The web-based management console also includes a report dashboard, which produces risk-prioritized reports that provide business managers with actionable insight. For added flexibility, administrators can schedule or generate ad hoc reports as required.



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